STUF creates objects… “Things” born out of passion for originality, where it’s the idea that molds the object to its final form, pure and simple.
Ideas for everyday use, that reveals their function through curiosity, leaving space for surprise and emotion; qualities able to transform an inanimate object to something alive... into a “thing” to love.

STUF regards itself as a new standard bearer for the promotion of “good design” thanks to the artistic direction of Italian designer Alessandro Busana and hOle designstudio, an extremely short production chain 100%% Made In Italy, and the use of top quality materials that are completely recyclable.
STUF firmly embraces the new dynamics of marketing 2.0 with a sales policy based exclusively on e-commerce directed specifically at the curious and passionate users.


Art direction: hOle Designstudio -

Production: FAVARON Group s.r.l. -